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Connecting to Citrix

Citrix allows you to connect to computer labs and other resources remotely. To connect, go to and sign in with your ULID and password. The VPN is not needed for Citrix. Once logged in, you should see “Favorites”, “Desktops”, and “Apps” on the top menu bar. Most classes will be using the “Desktops” option where you should be able to find your computer lab. During the process of logging in and connecting you should […]

Connecting to VDI

VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure) is a computer lab comprised of virtual computers. It is accessible remotely through a web browser or the VMware Horizon Client. Remember to always save your work in OneDrive or a network location while working in VDI. To login to the VDI, navigate to and login with your ULID and password. Then select the “VMware Horizon HTML Access” option as shown below. Then pick the “CAST-Pool” or you can choose […]

Connecting to the ISU VPN

Many campus resources such as network drives, your office computer, virtual computer labs, and paycheck information must be accessed through the Virtual Private Network (VPN). To download the VPN, go to the following links for Windows and Mac. Windows Mac For the Mac installation in particular, you only need to select the “VPN” component during the installation: Once you have the Cisco AnyConnect program downloaded and installed, enter as the server address and sign […]

How to Take a Screenshot of Your Screen

Windows 10 – Snipping Tool To take a screenshot in Windows 10, search in the start menu for “Snipping Tool” and open it. The easiest way to use the the tool is to pick the Rectangular snip mode and then click “new” to draw a rectangle. Everything within the rectangle will be put into an image that you can then copy and paste or save as a file to your computer. Mac For iMacs and […]

How to Sync Teams Files

Microsoft Teams is accessible without a VPN connection and can be accessed through as well as both Desktop and iOS/Android apps. To make it easier to move files into Teams, follow the video below to setup a folder that will sync/upload files into your Team. Any files added to this folder will sync into your Team. You can also upload folders and files through the Teams interface using the Upload button.

How to Remove a Printer in Windows 10

Many common issues with printers, such as stuck job queues, driver errors, and general instability can be fixed by deleting and reinstalling a printer. To do this, you must have administrator privileges on your computer or have an IT staff member perform these actions. Below is a video showing the steps to remove a printer. After removing the printer, unplugging and plugging the printer back into the computer or restarting the computer (in the case […]

Jamf Enrollment

The College of Applied Science and Technology has a new policy that all Apple devices must be enrolled with the universities device management solution called JAMF. If you are interested in learning more about JAMF, you can find that here To begin the enrollment process, go to and make sure to select “CAST-IT” as your site. You do not need to worry about filling in the user section. MacBooks and iMacs You will be […]

How to scan multiple-page documents (CJS Xerox)

By default, the Xerox will scan a page and automatically send it as 1 page .pdf.  There is a way to change this if scanning a multiple pages. 1.  Select email 2.  Go to the JOB PROCESS tab.3.  Turn on Job process (it is set as OFF)4.  Scan the first page.  The Job Process tab will show the first page as 15. Scan the second page.  A 2 will show up on the screen. 6.  […]

Brother HL-L2300 Series Low Toner Bypass

If your brother printer is refusing to print and indicating there is low toner, you can often get many more prints by putting the printer into “Continue Mode”. To turn Continue Mode off or on, turn on the printer and press the green Go button 7 times. All the lights on the printer will blink twice to confirm Continue Mode is active or they will blink once to confirm Continue Mode is inactive. After Continue […]

OneDrive Folder Protection

Traditionally, network drives and OneDrive have a dedicated folder or drive letter that you work out of or drop files into. With OneDrive Folder Protection, you can essentially redirect your Desktop, Documents, and Picture folders to OneDrive. This means that any files you place on your Desktop, or in your Documents and Picture folders, will be automatically synced and backed up. This can be useful to prevent accidental data loss and also to have a […]

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