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Category: Miscellaneous

Using IDEA for Student Ratings of Instruction

Using IDEA for Student Ratings of Instruction (SRI) When a new semester begins, portals are created for each course, each faculty member, and each staff member with access to the system. Students will not have access to the course portal until it is released by the faculty member. The faculty member will need to visit the faculty portal to complete the Objectives Selection Form (OSF) for each course. (For those accustomed to the legacy paper […]

Microsoft Intune

What Intune is and How to Enroll Microsoft Intune is a platform used by many organizations to ensure devices accessing organizational data meet a certain baseline of security. In particular, it is most often used on “BYOD” devices and mobile devices. As a member of ISU that potentially interacts with restricted or highly restricted data, you may be asked to enroll your device. To enroll in Intune on a Windows device, navigate to the “Access […]

Updating Basic Information on your Website Profile Page

Your profile page on University websites is controlled by Digital Measures. Digital Measures is a platform used to collect personal and professional information for use in CV reporting and, for certain information, display on University websites. There are a few key areas that will update information on your website profile. First, to log in to Digital measures, go to Navigate to Personal and Contact Information Near the top of this section, you can update […]

How to Take a Screenshot of Your Screen

Windows 10 – Snipping Tool To take a screenshot in Windows 10, search in the start menu for “Snipping Tool” and open it. The easiest way to use the the tool is to pick the Rectangular snip mode and then click “new” to draw a rectangle. Everything within the rectangle will be put into an image that you can then copy and paste or save as a file to your computer. Mac For iMacs and […]

Scanning Documents with your Phone

Traditionally, a multi-function copier or dedicated scanner has been used to digitize documents for storing and sharing. With new image recognition technology, this can now be done with any smartphone. Various mobile Apps exist to facilitate this but the Adobe Scan app has been found to have some of the best results. The Adobe Scan app can be found for both iOS and Android devices: iOS: Android: Once downloaded, you can sign into […]

What happens to a retired instructor’s ReggieNet account

What happens to a retired instructor’s ReggieNet account? ReggieNet credentials typically remain active for 12-months. If the faculty member does not log in to Reggienet for 12 months, the Reggienet account credentials will expire. The ReggieNet content will remain unchanged and accessible online until otherwise notified. The instructor or the person’s department head would have to contact the Technology Support Center to have her ReggieNet credentials reactivated. Which portions of ReggieNet may be backed up […]

Access to Email and File Storage after Leaving or Retiring

ISU provides many services such as email, file storage, and Microsoft Office applications. Many have questions as to how long they will be able to access these services after they retire or leave the University. Retirees Email, calendaring, and OneDrive are retained indefinitely. CAST network drive resources (letter drives like “H”) are archived and retained indefinitely The desktop versions of Office programs (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook) will no longer be available for download after retirement. […]