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Category: Printers

How to Remove a Printer in Windows 10

Many common issues with printers, such as stuck job queues, driver errors, and general instability can be fixed by deleting and reinstalling a printer. To do this, you must have administrator privileges on your computer or have an IT staff member perform these actions. Below is a video showing the steps to remove a printer. After removing the printer, unplugging and plugging the printer back into the computer or restarting the computer (in the case […]

How to scan multiple-page documents (CJS Xerox)

By default, the Xerox will scan a page and automatically send it as 1 page .pdf.  There is a way to change this if scanning a multiple pages. 1.  Select email 2.  Go to the JOB PROCESS tab.3.  Turn on Job process (it is set as OFF)4.  Scan the first page.  The Job Process tab will show the first page as 15. Scan the second page.  A 2 will show up on the screen. 6.  […]

Brother HL-L2300 Series Low Toner Bypass

If your brother printer is refusing to print and indicating there is low toner, you can often get many more prints by putting the printer into “Continue Mode”. To turn Continue Mode off or on, turn on the printer and press the green Go button 7 times. All the lights on the printer will blink twice to confirm Continue Mode is active or they will blink once to confirm Continue Mode is inactive. After Continue […]

Common Solutions for Individual Printer Issues

Before trying anything else, it is always a good idea to turn off and unplug the printer, restart your computer, and then plug the printer back in to power. This can be an easy fix for some issues.  If this does not fix the issue, the next most common way to fix issues is to remove and reinstall the printer and its software driver. Note that you can only attempt this if you have been […]