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OneDrive Folder Protection

  • Traditionally, network drives and OneDrive have a dedicated folder or drive letter that you work out of or drop files into. With OneDrive Folder Protection, you can essentially redirect your Desktop, Documents, and Picture folders to OneDrive. This means that any files you place on your Desktop, or in your Documents and Picture folders, will be automatically synced and backed up. This can be useful to prevent accidental data loss and also to have a roaming set of folders that can follow you between computers.
  • To set up Folder Protection, right click the OneDrive icon in the taskbar and select “Settings”
  • Then, click the “Backup” tab and then the “Manage Backup” button
  • Select “Start backup” to start the process.
  • This will take some time depending on how much you have in these folders and there usually are a few files that are not able to sync because of incompatibilities with OneDrive. If you have significant issues, please get in touch with CAST-IT for assistance.