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Category: Software

VDI Software Catalog

When logging into, you may see multiple VDI pools depending on what major and classes you are in. Below is a description of some of the different pools and their offerings. All pools include Microsoft Office 365 and basic web browsers like Firefox and Google Chrome unless otherwise noted. ================================================================ “CAST-Pool” SPSS, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Acrobat Pro, EpiInfo

Remote Lab Catalog

When logging into, you may see several options under the “Desktop” tab. This article gives a description of the different labs in CAST and what software and features they have. You will only see a few of these labs based on the classes you are taking. Unless otherwise noted, all remote labs have Microsoft Office and SPSS. This article will be updated as changes are made. ================================================================ “Virtual General Use Computer Lab” Photoshop, InDesign, […]

Renewing Software Licenses

Many applications like SPSS and SAS use annual serial keys to license the software. To renew this software, look in Software Center for an appropriately titled app to renew your software. If you don’t see anything in Software Center related to your application, please request a renewal through 

Software Center

Software Center is a Windows application that allows for self-service software installations on ISU owned computers. CAST-IT staff prepares the software and makes it available for installation based on your department and the software already on your computer. Additionally, you can see any available or pending operating system updates and upgrades in the “Updates” tab on the left of the Software Center window: You can access Software Center by clicking the icon on your desktop […]

Adobe Creative Cloud – What is it?

Previously, Adobe licensed its products with serial keys. Recently Adobe switched to user-based licensing. ISU then facilitated the purchase of all Adobe Creative Cloud apps for faculty, staff, and graduate assistants. This includes Acrobat Pro, Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, Premiere and many other applications.  These products are linked to your ISU account and you can install up to two copies of software on your devices through the Creative Cloud App which can be downloaded through Software […]