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Adjusting Microphone Settings for Lenovo T495

In the 2020 computer refresh, many individuals will have received the Lenovo T495 as their new laptop computer. An issue has been identified with the default microphone settings that may cause very poor quality and crackling/muffled sound when using the built-in microphone. To fix this issue, go to Control Panel -> “Sound” -> “Recording” tab and right click the “Microphone Array”. Select the “Properties” option to open the Properties menu. Then go to the “Levels” […]

Connecting to the ISU VPN

Many campus resources such as network drives, your office computer, virtual computer labs, and paycheck information must be accessed through the Virtual Private Network (VPN). To download the VPN, go to the following links for Windows and Mac. Windows Mac For the Mac installation in particular, you only need to select the “VPN” component during the installation: Once you have the Cisco AnyConnect program downloaded and installed, enter as the server address and sign […]

Jamf Enrollment

The College of Applied Science and Technology has a new policy that all Apple devices must be enrolled with the universities device management solution called JAMF. If you are interested in learning more about JAMF, you can find that here To begin the enrollment process, go to and make sure to select “CAST-IT” as your site. You do not need to worry about filling in the user section. MacBooks and iMacs You will be […]

OneDrive Folder Protection

Traditionally, network drives and OneDrive have a dedicated folder or drive letter that you work out of or drop files into. With OneDrive Folder Protection, you can essentially redirect your Desktop, Documents, and Picture folders to OneDrive. This means that any files you place on your Desktop, or in your Documents and Picture folders, will be automatically synced and backed up. This can be useful to prevent accidental data loss and also to have a […]

Software Center

Software Center is a Windows application that allows for self-service software installations on ISU owned computers. CAST-IT staff prepares the software and makes it available for installation based on your department and the software already on your computer. Additionally, you can see any available or pending operating system updates and upgrades in the “Updates” tab on the left of the Software Center window: You can access Software Center by clicking the icon on your desktop […]

Different Types of Network Storage at ISU

Traditional Server-Based Network Drives: Folders and drives in this category are often mapped to drive letters and referred to by their drive letter like “O” or “H”. These drive letters are arbitrary and simply point to a network path similar to a URL for a website. In general, these types of network resources are maintained at the College-Level. SharePoint: SharePoint is an Office 365 product that is a cloud based alternative to traditional server based […]