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Category: Remote Access

VDI Software Catalog

When logging into, you may see multiple VDI pools depending on what major and classes you are in. Below is a description of some of the different pools and their offerings. All pools include Microsoft Office 365 and basic web browsers like Firefox and Google Chrome unless otherwise noted. ================================================================ “CAST-Pool” SPSS, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Acrobat Pro, EpiInfo

Remote Lab Catalog

When logging into, you may see several options under the “Desktop” tab. This article gives a description of the different labs in CAST and what software and features they have. You will only see a few of these labs based on the classes you are taking. Unless otherwise noted, all remote labs have Microsoft Office and SPSS. This article will be updated as changes are made. ================================================================ “Virtual General Use Computer Lab” Photoshop, InDesign, […]

Connecting to Citrix

Citrix allows you to connect to computer labs and other resources remotely. To connect, go to and sign in with your ULID and password. The VPN is not needed for Citrix. Once logged in, you should see “Favorites”, “Desktops”, and “Apps” on the top menu bar. Most classes will be using the “Desktops” option where you should be able to find your computer lab. During the process of logging in and connecting you should […]

Connecting to VDI

VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure) is a computer lab comprised of virtual computers. It is accessible remotely through a web browser or the VMware Horizon Client. Remember to always save your work in OneDrive or a network location while working in VDI. To login to the VDI, navigate to and login with your ULID and password. Then select the “VMware Horizon HTML Access” option as shown below. Then pick the “CAST-Pool” or you can choose […]

Connecting to Your Office Computer from Home (Mac to PC)

Download the Cisco AnyConnect VPN client When installing Cisco AnyConnect, click “Continue” and/or “Accept/Agree” on any boxes that appear. Click “Next” or “Continue” on all the screens. (You only need to install the first “VPN” checkbox) Once AnyConnect is installed, a box may come up as shown below: Open the Security Preferences and click “Allow” at the bottom: Finally, launch Cisco AnyConnect and type in and then click Connect and enter your ULID and […]

Connecting to Your Office Computer from Home

If you are using a Mac to connect to your PC see this article instead: Download the Cisco AnyConnect VPN client Establish the VPN connection by typing in the VPN server address if it is not already entered (VPN01.ILSTU.EDU) and then your ULID and password. You can verify you are connected by going to the bottom right taskbar arrow and looking for the padlock icon next to the Cisco logo. Next, search for the […]