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Microsoft Intune

What Intune is and How to Enroll

Microsoft Intune is a platform used by many organizations to ensure devices accessing organizational data meet a certain baseline of security. In particular, it is most often used on “BYOD” devices and mobile devices. As a member of ISU that potentially interacts with restricted or highly restricted data, you may be asked to enroll your device.

To enroll in Intune on a Windows device, navigate to the “Access work or school” menu in the Settings app and connect with your @ilstu account. The video below shows the process.

  • If the Access work or school menu shows you are already connected with your @ilstu account, first disconnect and then reconnect.
  • If you get a message saying “We couldn’t auto-discover a management endpoint matching the username entered”, enter “” for the URL.
Note: You can also get to this menu by entering the Settings menu, clicking “Accounts”, and then clicking the “Access work or school” tab on the left.

What to Expect after Enrolling

After enrolling, you may notice several changes all designed to enhance the security of your device with minimal impact to usability.

  • Idle Timeout
    • Your device will lock the screen after 15 minutes.
  • Password Complexity
    • If you are not using a Microsoft account or an ISU account to login to your PC, you will need to set a password with the following requirements:
      • 6 Characters or more
      • At least one lowercase letter
      • At least one uppercase letter
      • At least one number
  • Windows Updates
    • Your Windows Update experience will be altered to ensure updates apply. You may see different notifications that inform you of updates and allow you to modify when they are installed.
  • Disk Encryption
    • On some devices you may see a prompt to enable encryption. This will ensure if your device is ever lost or stolen that the data on the device will be inaccessible. Only certain devices will have this requirement that are identified as being particularly high-risk.
    • If you encounter issues with BitLocker encryption and are asked for a recovery key, you can find your key by logging into this website and finding your device. You may need to click the link again after signing in if you are not already signed in with your @ilstu account.

How to Unenroll Once you Leave your Position or ISU

To unenroll, simply go into the “Access work or school” menu and “Disconnect” your account. You should then see a notification that your device has been removed which will remove all traces of ISU management. This Microsoft article talks about the process in detail. Doing this while you are still at ISU will be visible to administrators and you will likely be contacted to re-enroll.

If you have enabled BitLocker disk encryption as part of Intune enrollment, you will need to turn off BitLocker before unenrolling. To do this, search for the “Manage BitLocker” menu in the start menu and select “Turn off BitLocker”. You can also find the BitLocker menu under “BitLocker Drive Encryption” in the Control Panel.