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Adding a PowerPoint to a Digital Sign in Four Winds

  • Digital signage on campus is primarily delivered by Four Winds Interactive software. Four Winds is launched through a virtual app file that can be found here after logging in:
  • Four Winds works in conjunction with a file server located at the network path of \\ This file server has various folders for holding media and content for different areas on campus.
  • The following directions are intended for users who have already done the initial setup of logging into Four Winds and have set up their connection to their area or department’s site.
  1. Copy your PowerPoint file into the appropriate file share folder.
  2. Open the virtual app file shortcut and login to Four Winds.
  3. Remove any existing PowerPoints from the content region beneath the appropriate signage player.
  4. Click the PowerPoint icon on the left sidebar and name the PowerPoint.
  5. Uncheck the “Duration” box and then click the button next to the “URL” bar.
  6. Click “Insert from File System” and then navigate to your departmental folder via E: -> Mounts -> Media.
  7. Check the box “Loop Content”.
  8. Open and import the PowerPoint, then, once it is listed in Four Winds, drag it onto the empty content region and right click the content player to deploy.