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Author: Chandra

Using IDEA for Student Ratings of Instruction

Using IDEA for Student Ratings of Instruction (SRI) When a new semester begins, portals are created for each course, each faculty member, and each staff member with access to the system. Students will not have access to the course portal until it is released by the faculty member. The faculty member will need to visit the faculty portal to complete the Objectives Selection Form (OSF) for each course. (For those accustomed to the legacy paper […]

IDEA Quick Reference Guide

STEP 1: LOG INTO THE FACULTY PORTAL ✓ STEP 2: COMPLETE THE OBJECTIVE SELECTION FROM (OSF) ✓ Must be completed for every course, every semester by Oct 1 for Fall and March 1 for Spring.✓ Select 3-5 objectives as essential or important. Designate the rest as minor. STEP 3: CREATE EMAIL WITH LINK ✓ Ask students to bring a smart phone, tablet, or laptop on planned day. STEP 4: ADMINISTER IDEA IN CLASS ON […]

General Overview Of IDEA

General Information on the Use of IDEA as the Instrument for Student Ratings of Instruction Currently all seven academic units in CAST and TCH in COE use IDEA as the platform for student ratings of instruction. IDEA is meant to serve as not more than 50% of the overall assessment of a faculty member in the area of teaching. The remaining variables for the assessment of teaching vary from unit to unit but often include […]