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Different Types of Network Storage at ISU

Traditional Server-Based Network Drives:

Folders and drives in this category are often mapped to drive letters and referred to by their drive letter like “O” or “H”. These drive letters are arbitrary and simply point to a network path similar to a URL for a website. In general, these types of network resources are maintained at the College-Level.


SharePoint is an Office 365 product that is a cloud based alternative to traditional server based file storage. SharePoint also is the underlying technology that OneDrive and Teams are built on.


Microsoft Teams is another Office 365 product that incorporates various Office 365 products into a single interface. A “Team” includes file sharing/storage via SharePoint, instant messaging between team members, and a Facebook-like message board for team members to communicate on.


OneDrive is a cloud based Office 365 product that is similar to SharePoint except it is designed for an individual’s use rather than a group. Folders and files can however still be shared out from OneDrive but all of these files are ultimately within the control of the individual.