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Ticket System

Around 2015, ISU revamped its ticket system software in an attempt to enhance and unify IT units across campus. ISU now uses a product called Cherwell to host a University-Wide knowledge base as well as a University-Wide ticket system. University IT units as well as College IT units can assign, share, and collaborate on tickets submitted through the self-service portal:

Why submit tickets instead of email, phone, or in person requests?

  • Tickets are auditable and help with administrative decisions. 
  • Tickets allow for cross team collaboration within the University.
  • Tickets do not get “buried” in personal email inboxes.
  • Tickets cannot be forgotten like a verbal request or phone call.
  • Tickets require a resolution before they can be closed.
  • Tickets are just as fast as email.

What about emergencies?

Sometimes, a ticket or email is just not fast enough if something is a critical issue. An emergency would be something that impacts a large number of people (no one in a department can access a network folder) or something that is preventing you from submitting tickets (like a broken computer). In this case, give a call to your local CAST-IT member.