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Connecting to and Accessing OneDrive (Windows 10)

OneDrive is provided to all members of ISU and provides 1TB (1000GB) of storage. It can be accessed from work or personal computers without a VPN connection. There are two ways to access OneDrive:

  • To access OneDrive though the web, navigate to in a web browser and click the OneDrive icon. 
  • To access OneDrive as a regular folder on your computer, search for “OneDrive” in the start menu and open it:

*In some cases, you may need to update your OneDrive application for it to appear or work properly. You can download the latest version of OneDrive at:
  • It will prompt you to login (use your ISU email and password) and then a folder will appear in File Explorer which you can then make a shortcut to:
  • If you already have a personal OneDrive, you can add the ISU OneDrive by right clicking the blue OneDrive cloud at the bottom right of your desktop and selecting “Settings”. Then click the “Account” tab and “Add an account”.